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Shake Sauvage

shake sauvage

Various Artists

French Soundtracks 1968- 73
After our voyage to Italy and the Italian soundtracks on "Beat at Cinecitta" Vol:1-3, we are now off to France!

Without a doubt, soundtracks have been the field of experimention for innovative musicians around the world; France is no exception, but definitly has its own unique certain sound to offer: somewhere between French-Pop and Blaxploitation-reminiscences.
On this compilation of French Soundtracks from mainly the 60s and 70s (only exception: "Grand théme Malko" from 1982), we cover the whole spectrum; from pulsating thriller-beats to relaxed sexy grooves. The line-up of first class composers reads as follows:
Jean Yanne, Francis Lai, Georges Garvarentz, Michel Magne, Claude Bolling and many more pump the "French touch" out of your speakers!
Young girls lose their way in the midst of the 68 riots, until they find themselves in wild clubs, taking exotique drugs, letting their hair down to the sound of the sitar. Romy Schneider only just escapes death, when her weekend lover crashes down the cliffs in a car "Full Speed"! Bored married couples invite you for orgies and a mental marriage-swindler drugs women senseless to make them obey.
These and other stories are the ingredients of these selected films. The typical French combination of the commissioner and the psychopathic killer is well represented here as well as the absurd sex film.
Mysterious, sexy, or just plain funky ( thank god for various disco scenes) are the tracks featured on this compilation. Percussive rhythms, wild organs, psychedelic flutes, sitars and various electronic sounds will do the rest to spoil the advanced listener. The result is this explosive cocktail of casual grooves and orchestral thriller-themes!

cdhw068 | cd


15.00 EUR


01. Jean-Pierre Mirouze - Sexopolis
02. Georges Garvarentz - Nues dans l'eau
03. Georges Garvarentz - Haschisch Party
04. Philippe Sarde - Jukes boxes chez Saidani
05. Claude Bolling - Full Speed
06. Resonnance - OK Chicago
07. Karl Heinz Schäfer - Kidnapping
08. Francis Lai - I don´t know why
09. Roland Vincent - L.S.D. Party
10. Bernard Gérard - Le crocodile porte-clé
11. Michel Magne - Grand thème Malko
12. Georges Garvarentz - Les temps des loups
13. André Arpino - African King
14. Michel Magne & Jean Yanne - Pétrol Pop
15. Francis Lai - Le thème d´Olivier
16. Thierry Vincent - Munich Party
17. Julien Covey - Sweet Bacon


16-page booklet
Released 2000-11-01

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