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Unlimited (1979-1983)

unlimited (1979-1983)

Maximum Joy

Crippled Dick is happy to announce a compilation of rare and hard to find 7", 12" and some album tracks of Bristols MAXIMUM JOY!

Formed in 1979, Bristol band, Maximum Joy was originated by Janine Rainforth (singer /violin/clarinet) and Tony Wrafter (saxophonist/trumpeter, previously of another Bristol band, Glaxo Babies) . In the wake of the infamous Pop Group and taking from the hot bed of musical influences driving the Bristol scene at the time – punk, reggae, funk, soul and Jazz- the band developed their own unique version of the post-punk Bristol sound. Sometimes soothing, occasionally challenging, their groove combined funk, punk, soulful jazz and wild impro with daring and, often, panache. Other founder members were Charlie Llewellin (drums, previously of Glaxo Babies) , John Waddington (guitar, previously of Pop Group) and Dan Catsis (bass, previously of Pop Group and Glaxo Babies).

Fuelled by Thatcherism, inner city race riots and growing protest amongst young and old, Maximum Joy’s songs and melodies were about getting conscious and waking up to life, « …stay positive, stay plus, pulsate, pulsate no terminate, no end, it’s only just beginning… » ('Stretch').

They were quickly signed by Y records, distributed by Rough Trade. Maximum Joy’s first single, 'Stretch' came out in 1981. It was a big underground seller in Europe, Japan and the States, made it in the NME Indie charts and became an underground Post Punk/Funk classic in the fashionable night clubs of New York when the disco re-mix was released on New Yorks '99 Records'. The band’s next single, White and Green Place was on the surface a funky, fun number but underneath the theme reflected on the soul-lessness of image, shallowness perceived in modern living of the day. The slick production was orchestrated by maestro Dick O’dell, string quartet and all, nothing but the real thing! The B-side’s sentiments, like many of the band’s songs, are as relevant today as they were then, Building Bridges is a song about something simple yet fundamental-building bridges between man & woman, man & man, country & country, to ultimately arrive at peace…need we say more.

Kev (Ebo) Evans joined as bassist and the band went on to record the jazzy, ethereal All in the Air illustrating the intangible yet all-permeating effect of feelings, inspiration and sound. Then in 1982, the band brought out their LP, 'Station MXJY', featuring spacey interludes and reggae influenced ballads, it was overseen by producer extraordinaire, Adrian Sherwood. Later that year they recruited Nelly Hooper to add to the line up, (formerly of Mouth and latterly of the Wild Bunch and Soul to Soul) he brought the unique disco sound of the early 80’s to the band, the sin drum. Trumpeter Jeremy Hirsh also joined the band at this time.

Maximum Joy’s last single was a haunting version of Timmy Thomas classic 'Why Can’t We Live Together', on the flip side of which was 'Man Of Tribes', another conscious song about how capitalism can lead to heartache. Produced by producer and prolific musician in his own right Dennis Bovell, he dug the B side song so much that he joined Janine on the choruses and contributed to making it one of Maximum Joy’s best recorded tracks.

John Peel was a fan, they recorded a couple of BBC Radio 1 sessions for him and they toured Europe extensively.

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1. white & green place 12“
2. in the air 7“
3. buliding bridges 12“
4. simmer till done 7“
5. stretch (99 records version)
6. where’s deke?
7. silent street
8. man of tribes 12“
9. searching for a feeling
10. all wrapped up!
11. dancing on my boomerang


Digipack + Booklet with Linernotes and Photos
Released 2005-10-19


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Berlin Super 80 (NTSC-VERSION)

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Berlin Super 80

Various Artists

Berlin Super 80

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