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Popshopping Vol. 1

popshopping vol. 1

Various Artists

Juicy music from german commercials 60-75

Lets go way back in time; imagine Gerd Wilden, Klaus Doldinger and Horst Jankowski when they were young and reckless: this all-style Pop-o-rama with and without sing sung slogans and subliminal messages will leave you and your grandma breathless! Enjoy STRAHLER 70, MOULINEX, KIM and many more tracks!

Compiled by Jet-Set DJs and discerning flexi-fetishists Senor 45 and Sir d'Oeuvre, this one combines dancefloor-killer tunes with advertisings most memorable moments.

"Everyone who’s been watching TV ads since the early ‘60s consciously and enthusiastically has at least a dozen classic commercials from the sixties and seventies that he could play off of the top of his head for general party entertainment without a problem
My favorite was, is, and will forever more remain that divine advertisement for Speisequark (a German dairy product, trans.) (“How to tie a man?”), which I’m not going to repeat for you right here and now—for that you would have to invite me to your party.
But it’s rather questionable that the formerly little boys and girls, the teens going through puberty, or the people in their twenties who were already bordering on maturity got more from the music that was supposed to serve as a background to this cinematic arts than “Mouuu-liii-nex” or similar handy identification abbreviations.
Yet German commercial jingle composers were as close to the sound of their time as their colleagues in England, America, France, or Andorra.
Whatever was available in terms of pop music for grown-ups (i.e. “music for young people” plus “quality” in the form of the sampling of traditional arrangements) found its way into advertising music.
Those few seconds left for the consumption of commercial spots (the movies were only short anyway and mostly there was talking) could only convey a premonition of what was being put together on the highest level in studios throughout West Germany.
The way in which vibraphones and flutes were transformed in unison into electric guitar rhythms, and melodic phrases borrowed from cool jazz were turned into beat music, the way in which Tijuana-trumpets blew the march for nimble violins, the way in which the buzzing sound of a Hammond organ mixed with the girls choir just funky enough to make the young folks notice and even the teenage late vintage could say patronizingly: “Cool Thing!”…by Bruhn, Wilden, Doldinger, Wusthoff, et al still remained to be repeated.
And now, heard with today’s ears, in full length and after the general rehab of easy listening, advertising-beat, commercial-Bossa-Nova, retail-soul, and special-offer-jazz only reveal the late charm of these early master pieces.
It is about time to acknowledge the pearls of tonal art that are assembled here as what they undoubtedly are, namely prime examples of movie soundtracks from the time when our chancellors were still called Erhard, Kiesinger, Brandt, and Schmidt.
Those were important years. Because at that time Strahlerküsse1 simply tasted better."

Götz Alsmann
Strahlerküsse - the kind of sparkling kisses a person using Strahler toothpaste would give

cdhw069 | cd



01. Mal weghören, jetzt kommt Werbung (Intro)
02. Ford Capri II (Christian Bruhn)
03. Wild Freshness (Klaus Doldinger)
04. Swinging Nordwest (Meier-Maletz)
05. Moulinex (Gert Wilden)
06. Variationen K'71 (Luigi Pelliccioni)
07. Minikillers I (Johnny Teupen)
08. Opel Commodore (Klaus Wüsthoff)
09. Frei mit Boots (Klaus Doldinger)
10. Arbeit '70 (unknown)
11. Polycolor (Klaus Wüsthoff)
12. Mon Chéri (Klaus Wüsthoff)
13. Swing a little, Kim a little (unknown)
14. Tobler Twist (Conzelmann / Haensch)
15. Sein großer Traum (Sylvester / Joyct)
16. Roth-Händle (Peter Schirmann)
17. Nescafé Calypso (Max Woinski sr.)
18. Peach Girl (Baden / Brenk / Petri)
19. Komm' in Fahrt - Der Hansa-Pils-Hit (Christian Bruhn)
20. Minikillers II (Johnny Teupen)
21. Ford Taunus (Christian Bruhn)
22. Space-Freizeit '69 (Breinig)
23. Swinging Nordwest (Playback) (Meier-Maletz)
24. Strahler 70 (Christian Bruhn)
25. Opel Rekord (Klaus Wüsthoff)
26. Moulinex TV-Version (Gert Wilden)
27. Sweet & Sexy (Baden / Brenk / Petri)
28. Aus dem Titel "Memories" (Schäuble / Horst Jankowski)


Released 2000-12-01

Popshopping Vol. 2

Various Artists

Popshopping Vol. 2

15.00 EUR


Popshopping mixed up

Various Artists

Popshopping mixed up

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