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Gert Wilden & Orchestra

Schoolgirl Report and Other Music FromSexy German Films (68-72)

After the huge success of "Vampyros Lesbos". This was our next successfull installment in Sleazy Listening. Gerd Wilden, composer for artists such as Zarah Leander and Hildegard Knef, responsible for the soundtracks of more than 50 films and 300 CDs and LPs, had focused his musical attention by the late 60s and early 70s on a new genre of entertainment: The German sex film. This is the first compilation of his work for the erotic cinema, featuring the most swinging themes from the famed SCHOOLGIRL REPORT series and other sexploitation films. Deluxe CD with 24-page full color booklet, featuring numerous sexy stills and poster reproduction, extensive liner notes and a biography of composer Wilden.

cdhw024 | lp


21.90 EUR


01. Title Theme (Die dressierte Frau)
02. Follow Me (Was Männer nicht für möglich halten)
03. Title Theme (Madame und ihre Nichten)
04. Title Theme (Schulmädchen Report 1 - 13)
05. Girl Faces (Schulmädchenreport 1)
06. Dirty Beat (Schulmädchenreport 2)
07. Soul Guitar (Schulmädchenreport 3)
08. Getting Blue (Schulmädchenreport 4)
09. Dirty Boy (Was Männer nicht für möglich halten)
10. Ecstasy Blues (Schulmädchenreport 5)
11. Title Theme (Mädchen, die nach München kommen)
12. Sexy Girls (Mädchen, die nch München kommen)
13. Blues Party (Die fleissigen Bienen vom fröhlichen Bock)
14. Hot Dance (Madame und ihre Nichten)
15. Dirty Dancing (Madame und ihre Nichten)
16. Ballet Elevin (Was Männer nicht für möglich halten)
17. Blue Mood (Die jungen Ausreisserinnen)
18. Ecstasy Dance (Madame und ihre Nichten)
19. Little Girls (Die jungen Ausreisserinnen)


gatefold, black vinyl, limited 1000
Released 2009-03-11

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