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It´s in the Mix

it’s in the mix

Slim | Chateau Flight

Iceberg Slim, comedienne and MC is known for two songs in go-go music history: “It’s In The Mix” (December 1982 and “Good To Go (Hello)” in 1984, released on D.E.T.T. / T.T.E.D records. Although his recording career was brief, Slim’s folklore image in go-go music in Washington, D.C. stands out -- literally, (he is an imposing figure at 6’ 7” inches tall) and played basketball on the playgrounds around Washington, D.C. and opened as a comedy act with local comedienne Chris Thomas the impersonator while growing up. He would perform his hit “It’s In The Mix, Don’t Touch that Stereo” on stage with a basketball in his hands and chant in the microphone “This is Iceberg Slim with a basketball – Hello”. Slim performed in the early 80’s around D.C. at go-go venues: Celebrity Hall, Masonic Temple and The Classics Nightclub with Trouble Funk, Tilt and Big Toni and the TF Crew.

Re-released on Crippled Dick Hot Wax! together with a remix from versatile record's CHATEAU FLIGHT - here's is the definitive latesummer hit.

cdhw094 | 12inch


2.90 EUR


A1. It's In the Mix (Original)
B1. It's In the Mix (Chateau Flight Remix)



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