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Various Artists

1980-2005 - In the Mix by Slope

BASS ... check! ... 12 - 1234
Bass line aficionados listen up! This is a compilation for people who like to move, but say no to chilled Downbeat or lounge beats.
Here comes the unfiltered truth! Bass, natural bass, electronic bass, wet bass, burning bass ... Boogie, Go-Go and news.
It creaks, it farts, it’s funk!
How about your hip?
This CD was mixed by the guys from Slope and compiled by Daniel Paul, Honesty & Toni Schifer. The corresponding vinyl edition is available as a limited deluxe-version.

Danny Breaks (Southend/London) kickstarts the session with “Jellyfish”, taken from his 2003 EP “Another Dimension”. In the early 90s the founder of the Dropping Science started out as a happy hardcore DJ but soon moved into HipHop, Drum&Bass, Cut-Up and Turntablism.
It is hard to believe that the next track is some 20 years older. Washington D.C. in the early 80s: a government housing project brings together a group of children aged 8 to 11 ... as there’s no money around the kids pick up any old junk to play music on ... what about rim shots on a plastic bucket? The band begin to perform regularly, soon gaining recognition outside the city, including guest appearances in the Run DMC movie “Tougher than Leather” or support slots for Salt-N-Pepa and the Beastie Boys, sign a deal with Russell Simmons Def Jam Records and even release a US hit single with “Sardines” by the late 80s it had all come to an end ... the words? Word!
Same place, same time: Slim!
This tall guy is smooth like hell, basketball seemingly glued to his hand ... and therefore or despite this:
a damn funky MC! It took just two Go-Go singles (“It s in the mix” and “Good to say hello”) to make him a legendary figure of the Washington scene and he remains unforgotten thanks to his countless appearances at the Celebrity Hall, Masonic Temple and Classics Nightclub, performing with acts like Trouble Funk, Tilt or Big Toni and the TF Crew.
Moving back to 2000, we welcome the “Pleasure Ride” by Blaktonez Feat. Melissa Browne. Produced by Orin “Afronaught” Walter, a member of the mighty Bugz in the Attic Collective from London (also featuring Seji, Daz-i-kue, Kaidi Tatham a.o.), and IG Culture, this booty-shaking track was released by Main Squeeze.
For Berlin’s answer to Bugz in the Attic look no further than Jazzanova/Sonar Kollektiv. With roots in HipHop and Broken Beats one of the collective’s members, Roskow, tells the bass just how to do it - this is the fresh sound of 2004.
Next up are his Sonar brethren Slope (Daniel P. and Honesty) with the compilation’s title track. Since the mid 90s these two have released a number of 12”es as well as an album on Interference and Sonar Kollektiv.
Now for a funky fat bass line on a straight rhythm, keys say hi and bye ... this is definition of what “Basscheck” is all about ... there you go!
While Broken Beats are bringing together London and Berlin there’s also an outpost in Detroit. With releases on Derrick May’s Transmat and part of the gang around Planet E and Recloose, in 2000 John Arnold released his debut album “Neighbourhood Science” with guest appearances by Ayro, Amp Fiddler and Malik Alston. “Rough”, a Phuture Shock (Hancock/ Laswell) cover version, is definitely yet another of this record’s highlights.
This is followed by CDHW!’s very own production “Waldohreule”, produced by Daniel P., Honesty and Toni Schifer in just one, crazy night to celebrate the opening of the eponymous bar Berlin-Kreuzberg -creaky, cheeky, freaky ...
Moving on to Scandinavia: Olav Brekke Mathisen & Sideshow Jøgge from Bergen/ Norway prove that finest Electro Disco and bad ass bass lines can also come from the land of wooden houses, fjords and trolls. “Vidrar” was taken from their 2003 debut “Nugatti all ova me Butty” (Disfunction) which also featured their hit “Crocket&me”.
Talking of bass there is no way around one man: Bill Laswell. In 1979 the legendary musician and producer founded Material to realise his visions between Jazz, Punk, Funk, HipHop and world music. During the 80s and 90s he released a great variety of records featuring artists as diverse as Gong, Fred Frith, Whitney Houston, Jungle Brothers, Sly and Robbie etc. ...”Overdose”, with it’s killer bass line, was only ever released on 12” and is now available again on this compilation.
Moving on swiftly to modern dance visionary Maurice Fulton.
Originally hailing from Baltimore’s HipHop scene he first got in touch with dance music via the Basement Boys. A move to New York was soon followed by recordings for UK labels Pagan and Warp and groundbreaking releases on Nuphonic and Transfusion until “Let s get sick” by MU finally introduced Fulton to a larger audience. In 2003 he went on to produce this wonderful disco track “Don’t you see” (released by Modal) featuring Sheffield vocalist Bibi. His MU 12” was initially released by the French label network Tigersushi (also featured on more g.d.m and the “How to kill a DJ” series). Tigersushi, in turn, is run by Joakim who has been releasing amazing records on Versatile and other labels since 2003. That year he also remixed Lionel Hampton’s “Vibramatic” for a CDHW! 12” which managed to conquer dance floors worldwide.
This track leads up to the grande finale - a Maurice Fulton remix of “All god’s children” by Walter Jones from New Orleans. While the original version had been a eclectic 20 minute monster (a short version of which was released on Westbound Music’s sublabel Wax in 2004) Fulton’s mix leaves absolutely nothing to be desired when it turns into a veritable dance shocker.

We got the great Anthony E. Bagette to speak an introduction. Here's some info on him:
The poet and ex-mtv-moderator ('talking jazz', early 90s) knows how to focus serious topics in his own and very charming way, spiced with ironics and pop-metaphors.. Anthony Baggette (51) moved from Ohio/USA to Berlin in the early 80ies and was very active in Berlin's jazz- and funkscene till the late 90ies. He's responsible for one of the biggest acidjazz hits from 1994, even reaching top10 in the UK! He's the winner of the first poetry slam in Berlin and has played with his band 'Jazzoetry' in about every live club in town already, leaving impression with his special remake of John Coltrane's 'love surpreme' amongst other songs.. Anthony also worked together with the Jazzanova crew for several years, doing radioshows and clubnights at the 'Delicious Donuts‘ in Berlin..

A very nice review you can find here:

cdhw096 | cd


5.00 EUR


01. Danny Breaks - The Jellyfish
02. Junkyard Band - The Word
03. Slim - it's in the Mix!
04. Melissa Browne - Pleasure Ride
05. Sygaire - In your Groove (CD only, 12" soon on Sonar Kollektiv)
06. Slope - Basscheck
07. John Arnold - Rough
08. Wildmoos - Waldohreule
09. Olav Brekke Mathisen - Vidrar
10. Material - Over & Over
11. Bibi - Don't you see (Maurice Fulton Remix)
12. Joakim - Vibramatic
13. Walter Jones - All God's Children (Maurice Fulton remix)


Released 2005-01-28

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