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Welcome aboard and take a soft-sprung seat in the TRANSPORTER run by the Berlin-Frankfurt family business of Beni and Christoph Reimann. Don't expect a ride along any 8-lane highway of clichées. Where we're headed is not where the masses go. TRANSPORTER takes no short cuts. Trust in the drivers is essential. Listen closely, please, to the neighbourhoods in TRANSPORTER's localdistrict.

With his effervescent playing, top-of-the-class vibraphonist Beni, who also welds percussion and Fender-Rhodes' components masterfully into the bodywork of TRANSPORTER, shares the wheel with dear brother Christoph, who operates the on-board computer and is responsible for both tempo change and fully comprehensive insurance. As well as keeping detailed notes in the driver's log. From time to time TRANSPORTER pulls up to give hitch-hikers a lift. Such as Nadja Dehn and Selda Kaya, who answer for the singing. And up on the roof rack, double bass, piano and trumpet along with their players have already been made welcome ahead of time.

An album of great charm and atmosphere that approaches the genre of "jazz" with a deal more sophistication than many a colleague, creating in an agreeable way a quite unmistakable sound all of its own.

Since 1997 TRANSPORTER rides the musical motorway with releases on labels such as source, payola and cheap records. Christoph Reimann joined with his excellent musical abilities acts like PATRICK PULSINGER, CONJOINT and ALBRECHT KUNZE.

cdhw089 | cd


5.00 EUR


01. Tea leaf trance song
02. Bonnie
03. Tranquil smile
04. Only connect
05. Emmentaler swing
06. Blurry line
07. Three cheap kicks
08. Esprit rude
09. Ear candy
10. Pearls from my boy


Released 2003-05-03

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