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As Rich and Unique as Swiss Chocolate

2001 was the year, remember, when BALDUIN of Berne first opened the doors on his musical gourmet kitchen to serve up a sumptuous feast with a choice of dishes as generous as it was culinarily eclectic - his Creative Cookery album being eagerly savoured and consumed by connoisseurs of the acoustic arts. Now at last, after various live gigs, sojourns in Japan, countless sound-designs as well as an Alpine tunnel project compilation, his second album is out, entitled homophonically Balduin.

Balduins clearly audible passions for French film-music, the 60s, electronics, alphorns and jazz blend with one another to form a smooth and creamy confection - with the charm of his unconventional and tender compositions.

This multi-instrumentalist conjures up tonal images of the widest possible variety: frail, sentimental stories (Rainy Day in March) go hand in hand with airy beats summoning springtime (Solarium), abstract Fusion (Semi) and alternate with four-square Swiss precision electronics (Choose Cheese).

Good Morning. Fourteen Levels further on and the cocks crowing. The title piece from the soundtrack of a Japanese PC adventure, the window open and the view of the mountains in the morning sunlight. The final cigarette of the night smoked on the balcony, now to get a few winks of sleep, then a long train journey through a countryside blanketed in blue snow... This must be a BALDUIN album. (...) Balduin is someone whose musical memory seems to absorb a great deal, mementos of journeys both short and long. His music is replete with samples and references, full of stories and pictures. Although any musician equipped with computers and a sampler can be a bigband, not everyone is a one-man orchestra like Balduin: he is master of the instruments and deploys them in all their diversity, with an unerring feeling for groove.
(Kevin Müller, Reitschule Bern)

The guests included Meitz (Infracom / Fender Rhodes), Michael Dressler (Brandenburg Symphony Orchestra / vibraphone), Thomas Rechenbach (Berlin Symphony Orchestra / cello) and Hans Friedrich (alphorn). Honesty and Daniel Paul of SLOPE produced the tracks Choose Cheese and Semi.

The CD offers some attractive extras: - A bonus track of the Dublex Inc. remix, previously only to be heard on the vinyl release Choose Cheese 12. The charming graphic design has been created by Lopetz of Switzerlands famous design studio, Büro Destruct. The CD and the beautiful illustrated booklet are contained in a cardboard slipcase and come with a BALDUIN screensaver (also from Büro Destruct)

cdhw093 | cd


5.00 EUR


01. Blue snow
02. At the reception
03. Slip Slap
04. Choose cheese (04 Edit)
05. Made inch
06. Solarium
07. Sex on top
08. Semi
09. Croque Monsieur
10. Rainy day in March
11. Melted rainbows
12. Monorama
13. Snow hello
14. Blue end

HIDDEN TRACK: Choose cheese (Duplex Inc. remix)


special bonus on cd:
HiddenTrack Dublex Inc. rmx
Screensaver by Büro Destruct
Released 2004-02-15

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