Llik Yr Idols - soon on DVD!

llik yr idols - soon on dvd!

A Film By Angelique Bosio - DVD by Monitorpop Oct. 2009

..LLIK YOUR IDOLS is a 69-minute documentary that depicts the explosive underground New york scene of the eighties. It celebrates with cynicism the changes in that unique city under Reagan and Bush senior. Under the banners of Cinema of Transgression and No Wave (Sonic Youth, The Swans, Lydia Lunch, The Butthole Surfers, Foetus), a bunch of “insolent kids” (including Richard Kern, Lydia Lunch, Joe Coleman and Nick Zedd) briefly become the new anti-heroes of a generation. Scornful and flippant, their films and music violently attack conformity they see all around them, highlighting an erotically-charged and sardonic movement. LLIK YOUR IDOLS is a non-nostalgic examination of characters that have since become established artists.
Includes interviews of Richard Kern, Nick Zedd, Lydia Lunch, Joe Coleman, Jack Sargeant, Thurston Moore, Richard Hell, Bruce Labruce, Jarboe.....

LLIK YOUR IDOLS is an intimate survey of a VERY particular time in downtown NYC - the mid 1980s - when the fallout of a decrepit city manifested itself through the psyches of young and wild artists, musicians and filmmakers banging into each other in the scum drenched streets. Sex, drugs, violence and rock n roll took it's final leap out the window before the clean up crew came to town. They were good times, lovely times and this documentary brings it back in all it's cheap rent psychosis. - Thurston Moore

" LLIK YOUR IDOLS captures the nihilistic spirit of that downbeat cinematic art movement known as the 'Cinema of Transgression' without stuffing it full of platitudes or faux delusional self-importance. It's informative, well-researched and respectfully knows the terrain it dwells in. It finally puts a face to the original outsider cinematic artists that for years have had to hide in the proverbial shadows of their more well-known musical counterparts. "

Roger M. Mayer
Los Angeles Erotica Film Fest Director of Programming

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